Control is balancing...

Company Profile

Balance System Pte Ltd was incorporated in year 2012 with objectives of becoming the most preferred system solutions for Industrial IT, process control and automation and related business partner in Industries, which inclusive of Water Treatment, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals and the Semi-conductors as well.

We are committed to serve our clients with the best solution, finest selection and best mixed of products, flexible and scalable in mind and competitiveness price. And importantly the engineering works that we produce, we ensure quality to be fine, right, accurate and fast enough with in time frame and follow necessary industrial standard whenever required.

To grown with customer, we keep track on latest technology trend, technical development, new skills and new launch of various intelligent products. So we could assist our customer to enhance their accurately in process control, more friendly system, better working environment and promote higher productivity. We also partner with leading technology and product providers to deliver best-in-class systems.

Our Organisation

As been small, we make all necessary works and tasks index and delicate to individual and responsible by everyone. So that, individual could concentrate in their area of works with supports by whole company. We believe and would like our staff express and carry out their enthusiasm and enjoyment in works, quality and professions of works and keep improvement in all area of works.

We strongly believe in works, family and health balance. 

System Solutions for Process Control